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4 Simple Tips To Make Your Electronic Recycling Program At Work Effective

Incorporating a new program at work can be difficult, especially if the mission isn’t as exciting as it sounds – like electronic recycling. You have to explain to employees the purpose of your mission, and why they should join in. You are most likely going to get some people that are wildly committed, while others won’t care too much.

So how do you get people at work involved and committed to recycling unwanted or out-of-date electronics? How to make it easy for people to start recycling at work? While it might sound daunting, it is not overly complicated if you take the right approach.

To help ease the process, below are four tips to optimize your e-waste recycling program at your company.

How To Make An Effective E-Waste Recycling Program At Work

1- Make The Program Engaging  

As we mentioned above, “incorporating a culture change at work can be difficult.” So when it comes to making electronic recycling part of your workplace, you have to make it engaging, fun, and simple to execute. Branding and promotions help push the message across and make it easy for everyone to comprehend. It has to be driven from the top down, as only then everyone will be on board with the program.

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Communication will be vital. Let everyone know about your new program. Explain to them why this is taking place – make the message as simple as possible – and even promote it with a tagline or two. The more the word is spread, the more employees will get on-board with the program.

2- Lead By Example

To fully get everyone involved in your program, you have to lead by example. You have to be the first one to do it, first one to explain it, and you have to follow it by the book. Only by leading will everyone else get on board with your program.

If someone takes the first step, people will follow down the line in the process. It’s the only way to make sure everyone gets into electronic recycling.

3- Make It Easy To Dispose Of Waste 

Making it easy for people to recycle electronics will help your program in the long-term. The problem with a lot of businesses is that employers don’t make it easy to recycle. They make it seem more challenging than it should be. But that shouldn’t be the case. The simpler you make it, the easier the process is for people.

Firstly, make sure that all your bins are configured for e-waste. E-waste requires a different type of container than regular waste.

Secondly, label the bins so that everyone knows what goes where. Make it clear and evident that these particular bins are for e-waste. It will help when people throw it away.

Thirdly, break it down into different e-waste piles. For example: keep batteries and smaller items to one bin, while larger items (like screens) to another. Some devices are large, so you should designate a central collection area in your organization. Labelling here will again be crucial to make it easy for employees.

Finally, put them in a place where everyone knows that’s where to dispose of e-waste. Merely placing it next to regular rubbish bins just adds confusion and creates more mess. Place it in a separate area.

  1. Designate A Electronic Recycling Company 

We get to one of the most important parts that come with electronic recycling in the office: finding an electronic recycling company that will help your program. You want a company that is aligned with helping the community, safely disposing of e-waste, offers data security destruction, and will happily collect your waste regularly.

Reach out to local e-waste companies in your region as most will provide you with a deal to collect your e-waste. You can establish a strong connection down the line that helps both parties.

By undertaking these four tips, you can experience a successful electronic recycling program that benefits both your company and the community.