A Projector Goes to Sunrise Healing Lodge Society

The Sunrise Healing Lodge Society is an Indigenous based drug and alcohol treatment centre in Calgary that is open to people from all walks of life since 1974. They offer a 10-week inpatient program and a zero-barrier outpatient program that utilizes the 12 step program and First Nations culture to help people in addiction change their lives and live free from drugs and alcohol. They have a purpose-built 36-bed inpatient facility located in Northeast Calgary at 1231 – 34 Ave NE, at the corner of Deerfoot & 32 Ave NE. Their facility was built in 2002 and houses both inpatient and outpatient programs. The building is warm and inviting and is intended to create a home for their clients as they work at recreating their lives in recovery.

“We are incredibly grateful for any equipment that you would be able to offer our agency to further our ability to help people recover,” said Devin Rued-Fraser, the Training and Marketing Director. The ERA was pleased to be able to donate a projector and will be providing this deserving charity with 12 computers next month.

Value Statements:

  • Service: Client focused and based on native spirituality as the foundation that supports their program and service delivery.
  • Leadership: Supports teamwork and values the unique contribution of each team member.
  • Respect: Recognizes the diversity, worth, dignity and potential of self and others.
  • Integrity: Conducts themselves in a professional and ethical manner and is accountable for their actions both professionally and as an organization.

The Sunrise Healing Lodge Society recognizes the importance of services working together, hand in hand, to allow clients to move through the continuum of care effectively. It is time to break down silos, to recognize how everyone can pool Recovery Capital and how combined efforts can be re-deployed and utilized most effectively to provide the solution to those suffering in addiction. Sunrise is eagerly looking at the ways they can reach out to other addictions services in the city and build relationships, bringing their full continuum of care together in an unbroken chain that will help those struggling move from the problem of drug addiction to the solution of recovery!

Consider attending the Diamonds in the Rough Gala on Oct 17, 2020 from 5p-10p to show your support of the Sunrise Healing Lodge Society. The Gala evening is a semi-formal event to assist the agency in raising the funds needed to continue working to help those in addiction in the midst of the terrifying drug crisis that is gripping our nation.  To find out how you can help visit their website here.