Action International Ministries Receives Computers from ERA

All around the world, there are many children who have run away from home for varying reasons with nowhere to go. Without any support, they are then left without any resources to navigate through life on their own.

The ACTION International Ministries started out by working alongside small Filipino churches on the streets of Manila. The organization would minister to street kids who have run away from their homes. Since their beginnings, they have grown into an International organization, spanning across 30 countries all over Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. ACTION focuses its efforts on supporting underprivileged children at risk through outreach programs and community evangelism. The organization offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals in developed nations to travel and support children in need through internships, mentorship programs, and missionary trips.

ACTION has reached out to the Electronic Recycling Association requesting computers for their Calgary office administration team to utilize. Proudly, the ERA has been able to fulfill their request and has provided ACTION with 2 desktop computers. The two computers will allow ACTION to continue their growth as an International organization.

The ERA’s mission has always been to support those in the non-profit sector by providing for their IT needs, allowing them to grow and continue achieving excellence. With the thousands of donations we receive, we assess each one of them. Functioning devices are data wiped and put through ERA’s refurbishment process. Non-functioning items are stripped for parts and put towards a new piece. The recovery of electronics and reuse before recycling allows the ERA to reduce our environmental footprint and foster the communities we operate in.  Understanding that not every single electronic device can be refurbished, we responsibly recycle scraps to provincially approved recyclers. Reducing how much e-waste ends up in landfills is the key to creating a sustainable future and a healthy environment for generations to come. The ERA donates our functioning and refurbished devices to various non-profits, schools, charities, care centers, and individuals in need.

If you have an old laptop sitting in the corner of a storage closet, or a printer that has been left unused for quite some time, consider dropping it off at one of our depots across Canada, or by booking a pickup today. We operate in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, and are able to serve remote communities across Canada.