A letter of Thanks from an Organization

A letter from an organization who received donations from the ERA this October


We have returned from another successful learning tour trip to Honduras. The schools there were extremely grateful for the 30 laptops and 10 desktops that we were able to bring in our junk suitcases. Thank you for the valuable contribution that you made to our organization.

The school system in Honduras only provides education to grade six. The quality of education is very poor and often children cannot read or write after completing grade 6.  Canadian peacemaker’s international was able to digitize the Honduran grade 7-9 curriculum and in 2009 CPI educated 15 students using the CAL (computer assisted learning) program. There are no teachers so the students study at their own pace and after completing a grade level the students write the government exams. The program has been extremely successful and it has gained country acceptance. This year about 900 students are enrolled in the program. These are generally poor children who would not have the opportunity for continued learning if not for CAL. The program is almost entirely funded by individual Canadian donors and small business owners. As you can appreciate, the program requires many computers which are also donated by individuals and organizations like yours. Obtaining enough computers to run and expand the program continues to be a significant challenge for CPI.

Following are several pictures of computers being used. The beauty of the program is that several students can use one computer at the same time.

CPI has been very innovative in bringing free or affordable education to students in very remote rural locations. The second photo shows students studying in a repurposed sea-can. With much determination this sea-can was moved to the rural community of Las Delicias. Doors and windows were cut in, shelves were installed, about 10 used computers were brought in and education began to be provided to 90 students who otherwise would not have had this opportunity.

The third picture is of three happy girls in front of the repurposed sea-can. These young girls are in the process of learning that they have a greater purpose than simply becoming young mothers of too many children that may endure the all too common consequences of poor decisions made by uneducated and poor people.

Many young men and boys are lured into the drug trade because they have few other opportunities. The three year CAL program allows for greater maturity and a grade 9 education opens the doors to many opportunities away from the lure of the drug trade.

Again, CPI very much appreciates the contribution you have made to the success of our program. We are currently investigating the possibility of sending another sea-can from Canada to Honduras. This would give opportunity to send many necessary items for the program, including many computers.


Thank you,

Canadian Peacemaker’s International



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