Brain Injury Society of Toronto Receives Free Laptop for Client in Need

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is pleased to provide the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) with a laptop which will help support one of their clients to stay connected during these challenging times. We have donated to them in the past and they were so thrilled with the support they received from the ERA and the positive impact a computer can make in someone’s life.

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto (BIST) is a community non-profit supporting those living with the effects of acquired brain injury.  Their members are children, young adults, parents, spouses, grandparents, professional and service providers.  Membership is open to anyone. The BIST mission is to enhance the quality of life for people in the City of Toronto, living with the effects of acquired brain injury through education, awareness, support and advocacy.

Each year in Ontario an estimated 18,000 people sustain a brain injury.  The direct and indirect costs associated with traumatic brain injury are estimated at $1 billion in Ontario annually.

The consequences of brain injury affect not only the individual — it affects family members, friends and the community.  The effects of brain injury may impact:

  • self-esteem
  • social relationships
  • employment status
  • school/work performance

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto are focused on providing a safe space for persons with brain injury and their families to connect, socialize and learn.  They are also invested in supporting the most marginalized in their community through their homelessness, poverty and intimate partner violence initiatives.  BIST is an agency committed to partnerships and being a voice for change and as such they are involved in projects and committees related to ABI and the justice system.

To learn more visit their website here.

At the Electronic Recycling Association, we strive to help foster a community of innovation and connectivity. As a non-profit ourselves, we see first-hand what supporting the communities we operate in does for those living there. Providing electronic devices allows these charitable organizations to continue in their mission of bringing people together in a creative space.

Reusing electronics to create a new community program reduces how much e-waste ends up in our landfills. If you’re not using a printer, laptop, or projector, many organizations that operate locally in your town or city could greatly benefit from it. Donating a laptop to the ERA means another organization will be able to utilize it to start a new program, on-board more administrative staff/volunteers, or teach youth and seniors a new digital program. As our society continues to advance in technology faster than ever, the demand for updated electronics to support these community initiatives increases as well. Check out our list of charities waiting for a donation of computers here.

Help out your local community by donating your unwanted electronics. Book your ERA pickup today by calling 1-877-9-EWASTE.

Brain Injury Society of Toronto