Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network Receives 4 FREE Printers

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) was happy to provide Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network with 4 printers to assist them in their operations.

The Canada Africa Partnership (CAP) Network facilitates partnerships between Canadian and African communities, providing capacity building and resources in support of locally-led development projects.

The CAP Network was founded in 2003 under the name “CAP/AIDS Network” as a direct response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. CAP/AIDS worked with local grassroots community groups who were mobilizing to respond prevent further spread of HIV, provide comfort and care to those living with HIV/AIDS and to help communities overcome the myriad of challenges to health, wellbeing and sustainability that are the impact of HIV/AIDS.

In 2014, they changed their name to CAP Network, to reflect the growing diversity of projects and community priorities supported through the Network and their transition to their current shared platform model. Visit their website here for more information.

Their Network Model facilitates three-way partnerships between the Canadian community, operating under the CAP Network umbrella, the African partner project and the Network. The CAP Network acts as a bridge between Canada and Africa, providing support to efforts on both sides to maximize impact towards their shared goals. Affiliate Communities lead their efforts to engage Canadian audiences and to advance fundraising goals. These groups are supported by CAP Network staff to develop and execute strategies and to effectively monitor the impact of funds invested in African communities.

The ERA (Electronic Recycling Association), is focused on reducing unnecessary waste and/or environmental impact through effective management of retiring electronic and IT equipment.  As a non-profit organization with deep community roots, it is our “reuse” focus and donation activities that set us apart from others in this sector. We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company that offers pickup services, comprehensive data security measures and subsequent reporting. Individuals and organizations alike move through technology hardware for a number of different reasons, and often there is ongoing productive use.

The ERA believes that “reuse” where ever possible is the most ecological approach to this growing stream, and an excellent way to compel real community goodwill at the same time. The Electronic Recycling Association has a clear mission of reducing electronic waste through computer recycling, laptop recycling and computer donation services. With depots throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and all of Canada. ERA provides a great way to recycle electronic equipment safely and securely.