CAUSE, Furthering Children’s Education Through Donated Laptops

Since its founding, CAUSE Canada has been working with people living in extreme poverty in rural, remote, and marginalized communities in developing countries. CAUSE Canada is a Christian-based organization that believes, as followers of Jesus, it is their mission and mandate to work alongside the extreme poor to help them overcome the barriers that keep them hungry, uneducated, and without medical support – that keep them in poverty, and from realizing their potential and justice.

Cause Canada has received 5 laptops from the ERA that will be used in the children’s literacy program and to help staff to continue all the amazing work they do. To find out how you can help, visit their website here.

If you have any unneeded technology at your home or office which you no longer use, drop it off at one of ERA’s depots or call a representative at 1877-9-EWASTE for more information. Your unwanted computer or laptop could be what helps a child in poverty learn how to read.