CMHA Calgary South Receives Two Laptops

Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) mission is to be a leader in reducing the impact of mental illness and addiction in community. For more than 65 years, they have provided a person and family centered integrated service model focused on early intervention and prevention of a mental health or substance use concern that delivers a measurable increase in community resiliency.

Their long-standing belief is that recovery is possible. CMHA’s recovery model focuses on wellness by shifting the emphasis from a narrow, limiting view of a diagnosis, towards empowering individuals, building their strengths, resiliency and hope for a meaningful life. This recovery is demonstrated in the advancement of Peer Support where individuals with personal experience of a mental health or substance use concern are trained to support others through shared understanding and hope.

They believe that they have an obligation and duty to provide a platform for advocacy and leadership in the community. CMHA has a proven ability to engage, help organize, empower and support the community in building the capacity to understand and support those living with mental health and substance use challenges.

Their Vision

Mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

Their Mission

A leader in reducing the impact of mental disorders and addiction in promoting mental health, wellness and recovery through community-based services.

Their Values


Recovery: They will use recovery-oriented practices in their work with clients.

Empowerment: They will empower their clients to be healthy and independent.

Self-Awareness: They will take the time to assess how they individually contribute to quality client care and a psychologically safe workplace.

Partnership: They will look to grow their programs and services using a partnership model.

Excellence: They will look at new work practices and models of care that support creating a culture of excellence in client services.

Client Focused: In every decision or action they will ask how this effort will serve their clients.

Teamwork: They will further develop and support healthy teams that contribute to a healthy organizational culture.

ERA donated two laptops to CMHA which will be used by their clients. Their clients will use these devices to gain access to the internet, connect with family members, work on their resumes and hopefully aid in finding a job.

Learn more about this organization by going to their website here.

ERA is taking the initiative and offering free pickups in local areas for companies and individuals with unwanted laptops and computers. This will give organizations the option to work remotely which will ease their potential anxiety from working at their offices. It will also ensure that children are able to keep on top of their homework.

If you are wanting to help organizations and families receive the gift of technology and give them an option, please contact our toll number 1.877.9EWASTE or go to our website and fill out our form here.