Creative Company Competition

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has decided to host a brand new contest for companies with your business and the environment in mind. This competition is designed to bring the fun factor into recycling your old electronics. Feel free to participate and earn a chance to win an ERA Premium Membership.

How does it work

It is a photo contest. To enter the contest, take the most creative picture possible with your team and your electronic items for recycling and/or hard drives for shredding. This competition is vote based, which means the company with the most votes will win ― so you better stand out from the rest.

Who is eligible to participate

To join the competition, you must meet two requirements:

  • Be a company (no matter the size)
  • Have electronics for recycling and/or hard drives for data destruction

What will I win

The winner of the ERA Creative Company Competition (3C) will be provided:

A One Year ERA Premium Membership worth $500 which includes:

    • local pickups (free of charge*)
    • free use of collection receptacles**
    • on-site collection certification outlining the equipment collected
    • Software-based data erasure services (Free)
    • hard drive shredding services (50% off)

How to enter

To officially enter this competition you must submit your most creative/quirky photo, add the name of your company and your email address. Notice that if incorrect information is given, the Electronic Recycling Association may not be able to reach you and deliver the prize to the next contestant.

How to increase my winning potential

To increase your success rate here are some pieces of advice you may use:

    • Share your photo on all your social media outlets with the contest page linked and ask your followers to vote for your creative photo
    • Tag the Electronic Recycling Association*** in your communication to increase your visibility
    • Use #ERA and #CreativeCompanyCompetition tags in the conversation online
  • Invite your friends and business partners to vote for you

Notice that those are samples of your possibilities that you are not limited to. Be creative!

When does it take place

This contest is running from January 24th, 2020 to February 21st, 2020. Companies can only submit their applications between the start and end date for this competition. If contestants try to submit their photos before or after these dates they will not be considered eligible for the prize. Each candidate can only submit one photo. The winner of the Creative Company Competition will be revealed on the 26th of February on our social media platforms.

* on remote locations a %50 discount will be provided on 3rd party services

** type or volume as required based on availability

*** LinkedIn: @ElectronicRecyclingAssociation | Instagram: @ElectronicRecyclingAssociation | Facebook: @ElectronicRecyclingAssociation | Twitter: @DonateRecycleIT