Cremona & District Emergency Services Receives 3 laptops

Cremona & District Emergency Services (C&DES) is the Cremona and Water Valley local fire department. C&DES is made up of 2 fire stations, 8 apparatus and 36 local volunteer members. They respond to between 150 – 200 calls annually. Incidents ranging from structure fires, motor vehicle collisions, grass and wild-land fires, quad and recreational accidents, hazardous material incidents, medicals, and any incidents that pose risk to the general public, life, property, or environment. C&DES covers a response area of approximately 1200 square kilometres (650 square kilometres in Mountain View County and 550 square kilometres in the MD of Bighorn.

We are pleased to donate 3 laptops to this organization. One of the computers will be used in the office for administration tasks. The other 2 laptops with be on a truck and used for command and control. They will be able to use it for research like looking up chemical characteristics and for emergency mapping to keep track of trucks and other units.

If you would like to learn more about this emergency service unit, please visit their website here.


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