Electronic Devices Donated to Joshua’s Tree Charity in Ontario

Imagine starting your day at 3:30 in the morning to fetch buckets of water, carry it back to your home, and start a fire to heat up the bucket just to be able to take a warm shower at 5AM. This is the reality for those living in Malawi. One in three people in the country do not have access to clean running water. The majority of the community has never been to a doctor or received any sort of medical treatment.

Joshua’s Tree Charity was founded in 2016 as a means to provide clean water and health care in the remote communities of Malawi. 100% of the financial donations Joshua’s Tree receives goes directly to build wells and organize mobile clinics across various communities in the country of Malawi. All other costs, like personal equipment and travel expenses, are covered by those that work on the charity. Joshua’s Tree works alongside local communities in Malawi to take ownership of the wells that are built. Through the creation of mobile clinics, life-saving treatments are being made available.

With a mission trips to Malawi planned, the Electronic Recycling Association is proud to support Joshua’s Tree Charity with 5 laptops, 2 printers, and 1 projector.

At the Electronic Recycling Association, our vision is to foster a better community by assisting charities working to achieve remarkable advances by providing reliable IT devices to meet their needs. The ERA does this by refurbishing and restoring the items we generously collect. To support our own local environment here in Canada, the majority of devices are kept out of the landfill by extending their product life cycle. We often get the question if we accept non-functioning electronics… and the answer is yes! There are many parts found in non-functioning electronics that the ERA is able to extract and utilize towards another item instead of resorting to throwing electronics in the landfill.

If your charity, non-profit, school, or care center would like to request a donation, you can apply here.

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