ERA Donates 10 Laptops to Bicycles for Humanity

ERA was delighted to donate 10 laptops to a chapter from the organization, Bicycles for Humanity. They are a grassroots movement that was created in 2005 by Pat and Brenda Montani. Initially, they planned on sending one container of bicycles to Namibia from communities in Central British Columbia, Canada. With no marketing, or awareness campaign, people found their website and just kept writing, asking to start chapters.

The next year it grew to 4 chapters sending 5 containers and hundreds of people having fun, pitching in and knowing that they have helped bring our world just a bit closer together. Today they have over 30 active chapters in 8 countries with over 50 chapters having sent bikes over the last 12 years.

Bill Robinson, President of Alberta Beer Festivals reached out to ERA asking to receive a donation of 10 laptops which would help Bicycles for Humanity with their mission. This organization as mentioned about ship bikes to developing nations so people can get around and so some individuals can start a business around this (Bill’s chapter trains people to become bike techs).

Bill and his team worked closely with a group in Zanzibar. They’ve built a school and are expanding. Due to this Bill’s chapter is collecting things that they might need. One of their requests was for laptops. There is over 200 students who attend this school so in total they would need 200 laptops. Due to ERA’s high demand for donations we could only facilitate 10 but in the future we hope to fully complete this donation. These laptops will be used in their computer lab for students to borrow when they need to complete assignments.

For more information about this amazing organization, follow their link here. We wish them the best of luck.


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