ERA Donates 2 Computers and a Projector to Hope Arising in MB

Each year, many Canadians begin their professional careers. Whether it’s straight out of graduating from post-secondary education or a trade school, or an individual looking for a change in their career path, there’s a lot of excitement involved with a new opportunity. A brand-new start in your career: that’s what the Hope Arising – Employment Training Centre works hard to accomplish. Serving the Portage La Prairie region, this non-profit, charitable organization focuses its efforts on providing individuals with employment training in the automotive industry.

Hope Arising offers auto repairs, safeties, and bodywork. Their automotive shop is made up of individuals learning the trade. With no cost to their training program and all materials provided, Hope Arising teaches soft skills related to employability, provides networking opportunities, and a free meal with each class. Not only does Hope Arising help others find jobs, but their volunteers also assist participants in maintaining jobs.

Hope Arising reached out to the ERA requesting devices to assist students in all aspects of their training. Proudly, the ERA has provided Hope Arising with a projector, computer, and laptop to support their needs.

At the ERA, we understand that fostering the community now means building for our future. We’re happy to provide organizations that work to train, assist, and develop the communities we serve by providing for their IT needs. Simulating a community of innovation is engrained in ERA’s vision. We work to reach our vision by providing for the IT needs of various non-profits, charities, schools, care centers, and individuals in need all across Canada.

The ERA is able to execute hundreds of donations each year by collecting unwanted electronic devices from companies and individuals who are no longer in need of their use. Each device we collect undergoes an inspection process to test for functionality, a data wipe procedure using Blancco’s highly renowned data erasure technology and a fresh operating system installation. With the devices that we collect that are non-functional, our techs strip the items for working parts to put towards a new piece. The ERA then works with charities, non-profits, care centers, schools, and individuals in need to donate our refurbished devices.

Dropping off your used electronics to one of our depots or booking a pickup allows the ERA to continue collecting various electronic items that we can refurbish and donate back to those in need all across Canada.