Quebec Listening Service Receives 3 Computers

Secours-Amitié Estrie is a community organization founded in 1974 that offers a generalist and free telephone listening service. This listening service, anonymous and confidential, is provided by 50 volunteers who take turns to offer the service day, evening, and night, seven days a week. It is accessible to everyone who suffers from loneliness or stress, who are emotionally distressed or angry, or who simply need to confide in someone who will listen without judgment. This service is for people of all ages who feel the need to talk about their difficulties, their concerns, to think out loud or simply to be listened to.

It is also aimed at people who, in the Estrian population, feel the need to confide because they are having a hard time living because they are facing suicidal problems or any other problem that may affect their Mental Health.

Secours-Amitié Estrie is an important player in social support. The organization actively contributes to the community by offering active listening training not only to volunteer candidates to listen but also to public enterprises and various organizations in the community. Visit their website here to find out more.

Listening volunteers use software that allows them to access the contact details and description of the services of several hundred organizations, resources, and establishments in the Estrie region. The listener can, therefore, offer references to the person who requests it.

Secours-Amitié Estrie reached out to ERA in need of a desktop computer to help run their operations plus 2 laptops for summer students. We were happy to donate these devices to allow them to help more people more efficiently. Because of the recent economic downturn due to Covid-19 we have been experiencing higher demand from charities and non-profits for computers but a drastically reduced inventory available for donation. If you know a company looking to dispose of their unwanted IT equipment, have them contact ERA and book their pickup online here.