ERA Donates Laptops to South Vancouver Community Policing Center

The Electronic Recycling Association is excited to announce the donation of 2 laptops to the South Vancouver Community Policing Center’s Crime Prevention program. The laptops ERA donated will provide supplies to their volunteers to conduct their patrolling duties in the South Vancouver community.

The South Vancouver Community Policing Center is a charity organization located in – …you guessed it! – South Vancouver. The SVCPC’s main mandate is to provide crime prevention education to the general public. They host workshops and seminars catered to children, youth, residents, businesses, seniors, and various ethnic/immigrant groups. SVCP implements a pro-active crime prevention approach to fighting crimes. They achieve this through programs varying from patrols, road safety, and community outreach. At their office on Victoria Drive, they document and process citizen reports to address safety issues and concerns from residents in the community. Their various programs are carried out with the help of their volunteers who generously donate their time and effort to the cause.

The ERA’s vision is to foster a better community by empowering non-profits and charities. By refurbishing the thousands of IT related items we collect, electronics are saved from the landfills and donated to a variety of non-profits, charities, schools, and care centers. Today’s technology changes quickly, and from an organization’s standpoint, it is important to stay up-to-date. Each day, we hear stories just like SVCPC’s where our donations have helped them implement their projects, programs, and missions. Not only are we empowering the organizations, but we’re also empowering the communities they serve. Since 2004, we’re proud of each donation we’ve provided to countless organizations across Canada and seeing all the great achievements each of them have accomplished with our refurbished technology. To apply for a donation, click here.

Instead of leaving your unused electronics in a storage room where they will never see the light of day again, consider repurposing your old electronic devices with the ERA. Each donation we receive assists us in our continuous efforts to support your local community. Book a pickup today!