ERA Donates Printer to Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Foundation

The Electronic Recycling Association is proud to announce the donation of one printer to the Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Foundation.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the Sihle-Sizwe Vineyard Foundation works to advance education in both Canada and Africa. Much like the ERA’s efforts, in Alberta, the foundation focuses on providing equipment, educational aids, and scholarships to elementary, junior, and senior-high school students. Sihle-Sizwe also works to reduce the barriers faced by youth, adults, and seniors with challenges in post-migration and immigration. Additionally, the foundation works to promote mental and physical health issues with referrals and access to counseling and group support programs. Sihle-Sizwe operates in Zimbabwe with similar goals with an additional mission to assist in relieving poverty in the country.

The Electronic Recycling Association has previously donated 12 laptops to support Sihle-Sizwe’s efforts in Zimbabwe at an event attended by Edmonton MLA Chris Nielsen.

The electronics donated to the foundation are being used for coding lessons.

At the ERA, we’ve always had a strong focus on supporting students with their education. With the shift to online education being made in 2020, many organizations and individuals have reached out to the ERA for laptops, printers, and webcams to support their learning. In addition to launching our Lending Laptops program, we have also launched ERA’s first-ever Scholarship Contest to continue supporting students with education.

Proudly, the Electronic Recycling Association donates various electronic devices to new immigrants and refugees in Canada. Similar to Sihle-Sizwe’s efforts, our donations go to support new Canadians with their integration in society, assist them with job searching, connect them to their families back home, and provide them with resources to navigate their lives in Canada.

If you would like to help students in need of electronics for their learning, consider dropping off your devices at a depot near you or by booking a pickup. Devices dropped off at the ERA allows us to continue fostering the many communities we operate in by providing for their IT needs.