ERA Donates Tech to ACB Wellness Resource Centre in Ottawa

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is proud to announce the donation of 7 computers and 2 projectors to the ACB Wellness Resource Centre. This Community Hub was seeking computers for the underprivileged and for newcomers and the ERA was happy to help.

ACB Wellness Resource Centre is an organization committed to educating, enriching, and empowering residents of Ottawa/Gatineau a variety of educational, cultural and performing arts, programs, activities, and exhibits that promote awareness and raise the collective consciousness of all ethnicities to the rich and vibrant history, contribution, and culture of African, Caribbean & Black. The Centre seeks to strengthen the community by fostering unity, self-determination, cooperative economics, collective work, and creativity.

Their Vision is to build capacity through literacy, community engagement, resource development and advancement of ACB and marginalized people is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination. Their programs will address the importance of education, health, wellness, resources, mentoring, cultural awareness, financial empowerment, training, and coaching. Through their own efforts and mentoring programs, as well as forging partnerships with respected social and professional organizations that share a similar passion for affecting positive change. Check out their Facebook page.

Viewing regular access to a personal computer as a non-essential luxury is a thing of the past. Even basic activities now require the use of a computer; applying for a job, completing school work, staying in touch with family or even something as simple as looking up a bus route is difficult without a computer. The Electronic Recycling Association has developed a charitable computer donation program to address exactly that problem.

We work with charities across the country to provide refurbished electronics for their programs. This gives them access to reliable technology while allowing them to apply their resources to what they’re good at: developing programs to help Canadians struggling with poverty, health concerns or are otherwise experiencing misfortune. Because the Electronic Recycling Association is an advocate of equality, we are not specifically affiliated with a given charity. The ERA helps hundreds of charitable organizations each year through the donation of necessary computer equipment. Organizations qualified for donations through ERA’s donation program include: registered charities, non-profit organizations, care facilities (seniors homes, hospitals, daycares, etc.) and educational institutions.