ERA Now Offering Office Space in Saskatoon


Over the years ERA has recognized the phenomenal work charitable organizations are undertaking across Canada. Organizations that we have helped or came across throughout the 15 years are dedicated to eliminating homelessness, hunger, poverty and domestic abuse; to creating a safe environment where individuals can feel wanted and appreciated; to providing programs ensuring education is accessible to everyone; wherever or whenever there is an opportunity to create a better life for an individual, there is always an organization at arm’s length, working vigorously to make the absolute most out of that prospect.

Even though you are passionate about a certain cause, it is not enough to run and manage an organization full time. As a non-profit, we know that sometimes it is difficult to obtain enough funding to support a program, to keep on top of your marketing, and to operate a budget or simply gain enough office space for your employees. Everything costs money whether it be paying employees, hosting a website, implementing marketing campaigns, hosting programs and especially paying for space (meeting rooms, venue space for an event, office space and so on).


ERA is offering free office space in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This location has more space than ERA needs in order to operate their organization. They are willing to share their additional office space with enthusiastic organizations who do great things within the community. Currently, they have one available office space which is roughly 500 square feet.

ERA has been providing organizations with solutions for over 15 years. Donating laptops and computers, providing workshops for children interested in technology, hosting e-waste fundraiser, offering free services for cisco operators and running free phone services for charitable organizations Canada wide. It just seems right that they now provide office space to eager organization who are willing to make a difference. And the best part about this is that it’s free.


This free office space includes your internet and electricity. If your charity needs a space to utilize for the good of the organization then you are in the right place. Our offices are available during business hours and will seat anywhere between one to three people.

The advantage is that the charity can preserve a larger quantity of its total operating budget, allowing it to assign those resources to other areas where they can be put to better use. As a non-profit, we understand that every dollar saved is another chance to help those in need.

All that ERA askes for in return is to spread the world about their mission and vision throughout your social media outlets, your website, link exchanges, your newsletter, e-blasts to your clientele, instigating a meet and greet with your partners and creating more of an awareness of who the ERA are as a proud Canada organization.


We want to hear your story. Tell ERA why you think you deserve this office space. We want to know, if you were granted this space what you would use it for? When you have applied a member of the ERA team will reach out to you and request an interview in person to discuss your application and the office space available. Be creative, send your application in by video, poster, email or let your imagination run wild. Email [email protected] for more information or inquiries.

We look forward to helping you help others.

Send applications to [email protected]