ERA’s Kids Video Competition

ERA host their first Video Competition that will launch this March. We are asking students in Middle Schools and High Schools across Canada to use their creative minds. This competition is designed to not only educate students on the importance of sustainability but to bring their vision of an ever-changing environment to video.

How does it work?

To enter the contest, create a video that best represents your views on the waste hierarchy known to many as “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Please relay the video in some way to ERA’s mission statement.

ERA’s Mission Statement: To reduce electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment, and to reuse unwanted computers and related electronic equipment through recovery, refurbishment, and computer donation programs

This competition is vote based, which means the student with the most votes will win ― so you better stand out from the rest.

Who is eligible to participate?

To join the competition all you need to do is be a Student attending a Middle School or High School across Canada.

What will I win?

There will be 100 winners per 1000 schools that enter. The winner will receive a refurbished laptop. The winners will need to give ERA some time to provide them with the winning laptops.

How to enter?

To officially enter this competition your school must submit all of their student’s creative videos, add the name of your school, add the school address (no PO Box) and add the contact information of the teachers involved.

Notice: Please be sure to include accurate information in the application. If we are not able to reach you or verify the information, this may result in disqualification.

When does it take place?

This contest is running from April 7th, 2020 to June 30th 2020. Schools can only submit their applications between the start and end date for this competition. If schools try to submit their videos before or after these dates they will not be considered eligible for the prize. Each student can only submit one video.

What format should the video be?

  • It needs to be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 1 minute.
  • Videos can be uploaded through our online submission form
  • The video can be homemade
  • Orientation should be landscape