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Four Alternative Ways For Electronic Recycling In Montreal

Electronic devices like your phone, your computer or your laptop, can be dangerous and hazardous for the planet. Due to the toxins made in these products, any leak or improper disposal can impact the environment. It can go as far as poisoning soil, affecting the drinking water and damaging the ozone layer. It is, therefore, essential that people look towards electronic recycling in Montreal.

This process will guarantee that your computers are safely disposed of without it damaging the environment. These professionals will safely break down your item, delete all valuable information off it, before disposing of it correctly.

However, for many people, it might not be the route they want to go down, as everyone is after something different with their devices. Thankfully, there are many other ways you can help with electronic recycling without going down the traditional route. Whether you are looking to make or save money, reuse parts, or be committed to helping people, these alternatives can make a positive impact on helping the environment.

The Four Alternative Ways To Electronic Recycling In Montreal

Reuse Old Devices Or Their Parts 

Don’t be shocked to know that you can repurpose and find new ways to make use out of your old electronic devices. You can turn your computer into a web server, or use the old parts to create a new computer model, like using an old keyboard for a new computer. You can also look towards using external parts of your devices – like turning your old hard drive into an external drive.

You can also use specific devices for certain things. Turn your iPhone into an audio device or just for portable gaming. You can turn your old tablet into a digital photo frame. There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to reusing your old electronic devices.

Hand It Away For Free! 

One of the best ways to recycle and getting use out of your old electronic devices is to give them away for free. There are many different ways you can go about this, including:

  • Freecycling is one of the newest ways to hand off your old electronic devices. It is a large system of recyclers who, instead of throwing away or selling their electronic devices, hand it off to their fellow people for free. It is a smart way to get rid of your items, and also be more environmentally conscious.
  • Ask your family and friends, whether they need your outdated devices for something. If you could hand it off to someone, why not hand it off to someone that you know?
  • Throw your item on Kijiji and tell them you’re willing to give it away for free. Someone is bound to take it off your hands.

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These smart ways can help you clear out your electronic devices while ensuring that someone else gets use out of them.

Donate To Charity

There are plenty of charities and individuals out there that would be more than happy to use your old computer, laptop or phone. A noble way of disposing of your old electronic devices is by handing it off to charities. Many places, such as libraries, schools, and less fortunate people, would be more than happy to take your devices and use them. Do something noble and help others in need.

Sell Your Electronic Devices

Perhaps the most common thing that people do: sell their electronic devices. You can either do it online through the likes of eBay or Amazon or take it to a second-hand store that is willing to buy electrical devices. You can easily re-sell your old device as a refurbished model. You won’t get all the money back for it, but you will get enough that you can enjoy spending it (probably on something non-electronic).

Go Back To Traditional Electronic Recycling In Montreal

If all else fails, and you generally just want to get rid of your items and help the environment in the process, then hand off your items at a proper electronic recycling company in Montreal. They have the qualifications, the tools and the experience to handle any electronic device.

Not only will they dispose of your devices in the correct manner, but will do data security destruction, meaning they will eliminate all hidden data and files on your devices so it is completely blank.

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It is time to take action with your electronic devices. When it comes to electronic recycling in Montreal, these alternative options can help you – as well as the environment!

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004, who’s goal is to reduce e-waste by reusing unwanted computers and related electronic equipment. We create an opportunity for the secondary use of IT equipment by low income, high needs Canadian families and charitable organizations. ERA is represented in most major cities all across Canada such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Toronto. We also offer convenient pick-up locations virtually anywhere in Canada.