Galiano Conservancy Association in BC Receives Donated Tech

The Electronic Recycling Association is pleased to provide the Galiano Conservancy Association with 2 laptops, 6 monitors, and 1 tablet. They moved to a new location and required new computers to replace old and underperforming equipment. The extra monitors will be used to set up dual monitor workstations.

The GCA is a registered charity devoted to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of human and natural ecosystems through environmental education, land conservation, and habitat restoration.

Formed in 1989 as an instrument for community-based acquisition, management, and conservation of land and habitat, the Galiano Conservancy has become a broad-based organization whose primary purpose is “To preserve, protect and enhance the quality of the human and natural environment” on Galiano Island. From its beginning, the Conservancy has been devoted to:

  • land and marine conservation
  • stewardship and restoration; and
  • environmental education and public awareness

The Galiano Conservancy prides itself on being a democratic grassroots organization. The Board of Directors (currently 8 people) is elected from a diverse membership. The monthly Board meetings are open for members to attend. The Conservancy has a committed staff who helps carry out its purposes.

Throughout its history, the Conservancy has worked cooperatively with local landowners and residents. Through our mapping project, we have developed an active program of conservation planning. In addition, we have developed partnerships and working relationships with a variety of local, national and international organizations, and received grants and donations from governments, foundations, and industry. The Galiano Conservancy will continue to build on its achievements and work for the benefit of the local environment and community.

Check out their website to learn more about their events and education programs.

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