Garmin Canada contributes 2 Laptops to Highbanks Society in Calgary

Part of what our clients love about the Electronic Recycling Association is how they can choose the charities they would like their equipment to go towards. Garmin Canada reached out to let us know that the Highbanks Society in Calgary was in need of laptops for young mothers to attend school. It is their mission to provide affordable housing and a nurturing community where young families can learn and grow.  After we received their devices we cleaned them up with a data wipe, installed an operating system and donated 2 laptops to support Highbanks Society’s vision of educated, confident, self-sufficient parents raising healthy, happy children.

The Highbanks program has an established housing model that addresses the need for long-term, safe, and affordable housing. They seek to provide security, stability and eliminate any barriers to growth. While young Mothers are required to attend school full-time, their individualized planning and goal setting helps their client/residents visualize and achieve a future of safety, security, joy and contribution.

They believe in the fundamental importance of psychological supports to their Mother-Led families. These therapeutic interventions focus on trauma-informed modalities, and the creation of teaching opportunities through relationships.

Their Mother-led families receive deep support with affordable housing, case management, food security, budgeting, parenting and other daily living skills through the provision of group learning sessions and securing supports from a number of community partner agencies.

  • Parenting Skills: individual and group sessions with a trained parenting coach teach early childhood development tools and strategies.
  • Trauma Therapy: a registered psychologist supports young mothers to deal with systematic abuse and toxic stress.
  • Life Skills: a ‘Life-Wheel’ model of coaching to help young women identify and work towards goals in areas such as parenting, finance, education, emotion, cooking, nutrition and healthy relationships.

Highbanks also offers children’s programs, yoga, community dinners, events, self-esteem workshops, legal support and career counseling. They also invest in the future of their clients by providing a recreation fund and an Education Savings Match program.

They see the potential in each person to discover and grow. While each resident ultimately navigates her own path to success, Highbanks provides a safe and supportive community to guide young mothers on their learning journey. Visit their website to learn different ways to provide support.

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