Green Iglu Receives Four Laptops and Two Monitors

Formerly known as Project Growing North, Green Iglu built its first Growing Dome in Naujaat, NU in 2015. Since then, this organization has been at the forefront of agriculture in Canada’s North. Starting as a social impact project, they are now recognized as a Canadian charitable organization and operate multiple food production facilities across Northern Canada. Their designs, methodologies, and technology are all formed through the perspectives and input of their partner communities.

The ERA is thrilled to assist this amazing organization with equipment for their growing team by providing them with four laptops and two monitors. “This is an amazing association! So happy we found you,” exclaimed Ben Canning, Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “We picked up the computers this morning and the team loves them! Also, the additional monitors were such a hit.”

In 2015, their team built a Growing Dome in Naujaat, Nunavut, a remote community of 1,200 people located directly on the Arctic Circle. This geodesic greenhouse was the first of its kind in the Canadian Arctic and the community of Naujaat believed in its mission and embraced this technology, calling it their Green Igloo.

Green Iglu’s Growing Domes are fully-equipped to withstand the harshest of conditions and are designed to provide a habitable environment where food production can thrive. In the Arctic, the Growing Domes have handled wind speeds of over 180km/hr and 7 ft of direct snowfall.

Sustainability is at the forefront of all of their efforts. Their goal is to ensure that their greenhouse operations can be successfully integrated into the community’s long-term infrastructure and growth. With this goal in mind, their model extends beyond just greenhouse infrastructure and incorporates a production and distribution model that will facilitate self-sustainability.

Their greenhouse operations are integrated into the community through stakeholder participation, partnering with local organizations, and hiring community members for the Arctic team. Green Iglu is continuously adapting to the social and economic needs of its target communities while ensuring that there is a positive effect on the environment.

Part of their mission is to improve the educational opportunities for students in the North. Green Iglu is working towards this goal through its educational content and programming for both partner and non-partner communities. Their focus is based on food-sustainability, Arctic Farming and generating interest about alternative growing methods throughout the North.

The Arctic Farmers program is dedicated to educating both students and local community members alike who are interested in becoming a part of Green Iglu. Through in-person and digital training, supplemented with continued support, they prepare anyone who is interested to become a volunteer or full-time employee of Green Iglu to feed their community.

Check out their website here to view the gallery of these amazing structures and their community impact.