Green Okanagan Receives 2 Monitors and 1 Projector

Green Okanagan, or GO for short, is a volunteer-led registered non-profit organization based in the beautiful Okanagan, in Canada. Their mandate is to progress sustainability from an individual level. By sharing their own experiences and local information, they hope to empower you to make smart consumer choices and adapt your lifestyle to improve your overall sustainability. They believe that everyone has the power to create positive change, whether it’s through greening up daily habits, or getting involved with your community. Green Okanagan hosts a monthly Sustainability Social, leads green workshops, as well as other community-led initiatives.

Their focus is on breaking down the zero-waste lifestyle in an approachable way, with simple and affordable solutions anyone can implement. Check out their Blog here for simple DIYs, insightful resources, and general green fun! Some of the services they offer are Zero Waste Workshops & Presentations, Shop Local Directory, Event Consulting, Event Tabling, and Initiative Co-Hosting.

GO and ERA agree on the importance of a circular economy which is a reformative system where we try to minimize our resources. Focusing mainly on the reuse and reduce aspect of the 3 R’s and ensuring these two are fully manipulated before choosing to recycle. This process will aim to eliminate waste, not just from recycling procedures, but throughout the lifecycles of products and packaging. In order for Canada to grow, it is important that we move towards a circular economy. By improving our resource recovery we will lessen greenhouse gas emissions and ensure potentially dangerous materials are appropriately managed. The ERA loves to support organizations that contribute to the sustainability of our environment and resources so we were happy to donate 2 monitors and 1 projector to GO. This tech will help with events, workshops, and educational sessions.

If you are looking to donate your preloved electronics, you can stop by one of our 7 locations Canada- wide. Donating your items will divert them from the landfill and support grassroots initiatives!