Hakili Community for Sustainable Development Receives 10 Laptops

Founded in 2016, they are a grassroots organization born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. They work in our communities and for our communities to tackle the complex problem of poverty here in Canada but also all over the world.

Their vision is a world of equal opportunities for all children.

Their Mission is to break the cycle of poverty in our communities, by developing our growth potential and productivity, tapping into our greatest asset: our children and youth.

They believe in:

  • EQUITY: Equal opportunities and chances for all children, regardless of geographical location, demographic and socio-economic background
  • CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Long lasting societal improvements are derived from investment in children and youth
  • SELF-DETERMINATION: The strengths and resources that allow each individual to take control of their own future in meaningful and sustainable ways, and determine their own evolving story.
  • CHANGE: A better world starts with one community, one family and one child at a time.

These 10 laptops will be used for a program called Yes, We Code. This program is designed to help the youth from marginalized communities learn to code. Through interactive hands-on workshops, youths learn how to code video games, movie animations and much more. These are designed to teach them computational thinking and technical skills in a social and collaborative way. However, their organization needed some help to deliver these workshops. These Laptops will greatly enhance their team’s ability to reach vulnerable youth in Calgary. Speaking with their team they wanted to say, “We wanted to launch this program as soon as possible and really appreciate the assistance and support from ERA.”

If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, feel free to go to their side  by clicking here.

ERA is taking the initiative and offering free pickups in local areas for companies and individuals with unwanted laptops and computers. This will give organizations the option to work remotely which will ease their potential anxiety from working at their offices. It will also ensure that children are able to keep on top of their homework.

If you are wanting to help organizations and families receive the gift of technology and give them an option, please contact our toll number 1.877.9EWASTE or go to our website and fill out our form here.