Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association Receives 2 Laptops

The Electronic Recycling Association was happy to donate 2 laptops to Hillhurst Community Association. They were seeking to replace some of their oldest computers with higher functioning ones. It was our pleasure to assist them on their mission to preserve and enhance a healthy and vibrant quality of life for the residents of Hillhurst-Sunnyside by providing better operational equipment.

Contribute to our mission of reducing e-waste by recycling your unwanted electronic devices with the ERA. Donating your used electronics is as simple as giving us a call at 1877-9EWASTE or contacting us online. Schedule a pickup date with our team or visit one of our 7 donation depots Canada-wide. We accept used desktops, notebooks, computer peripherals, software, and more.

The Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association (HSCA) serves the communities of Hillhurst, Upper Hillhurst, Westmount, and Sunnyside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Their primary service areas are Seniors services, Outreach services, and Child Care, making them a full-service community centre. They also hold weekly Farmers’ Markets and Flea Markets, offer multiple recreation programs and their centre is available for event rentals. Visit their website for more information.

Established in the early 1900s, Hillhurst Sunnyside is one of the older communities in Calgary. An important event in the community’s history was the construction of the Mewata Bridge over the Bow River in 1954. This turned 14th Street into a major link to downtown and initiated commercial redevelopment of the housing in the area. These areas, and the nearby business district of Kensington, have since been enhanced through the efforts of the Business Revitalization Zone Association. They, along with our Farmer’s Market and Flea Market, offer a number of diverse commercial opportunities for residents. There are also recreational areas nearby, at both Hillhurst Athletic Park and Riley Park. The community is also located on the C-train line.

The ERA works with charities across the country to provide refurbished electronics for their programs. This gives them access to reliable technology while allowing them to apply their resources to what they’re good at: developing programs to help Canadians struggling with poverty, health concerns, or are otherwise experiencing misfortune. Because the Electronic Recycling Association is an advocate of equality, we are not specifically affiliated with a given charity. The ERA helps hundreds of charitable organizations each year through the donation of necessary computer equipment. Organizations qualified for donations through ERA’s donation program include: registered charities, non-profit organizations, care facilities (seniors homes, hospitals, daycares, etc.) and educational institutions.