Impact Society is Gifted with 2 Printers, 3 Monitors, and 1 Projector

Impact Society exists to mentor and elevate the gifts and abilities in youth providing tools and resources that build significance, purpose and leadership skills. They were gifted with 2 printers, 3 monitors and 1 projector that will assist them in their daily operations.

  • Provide strength-focused programs and services for the emotional, mental, physical & spiritual growth of youth and the communities that support them.
  • Passionate about partnering together to empower strength-focused and resilient communities.
  • Celebrate and focus on the strengths of an individual and community, not its weaknesses or dysfunction.
  • Utilize a restorative, rather than punitive approach.
  • Assist to cultivate what you can’t see (internal strengths) so it impacts what you can see (behaviours)

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