Laptop Donated to Montreal Non-profit That Promotes the Arts

The Electronic Recycling Association is pleased to provide Festival Accès Asie with a laptop to be used as a working tool for the trainees who come to work for the Festival. The one they currently have is very slow and non-functional and this new work tool will allow trainees not to have to work with their personal computers. The festival is managed with the principles of passion, friendship, hard work, and dedication to the arts and the community and we wish them all the best in their endeavours!

Because of the recent economic downturn due to Covid-19 we have been experiencing higher demand from charities and non-profits for computers but a drastically reduced inventory available for donation. If you know a company looking to dispose of their unwanted IT equipment, have them contact ERA and book their pickup online here.

Established in 1995, the Festival Accès Asie is Canada’s oldest continuous festival celebrating the arts of Asian heritage. So far, it has presented the works of more than 1,000 artists of Asian origin from more than 20 different countries. Based in Montreal, the festival promotes the arts, culture, and Asian stories through a variety of artistic disciplines including visual arts, dance, theater, video, cinema, music, comedy, poetry, literature, performance, new media, and culinary arts. This year, the Festival Accès Asie will celebrate its 25th anniversary, marking an important milestone as the oldest continuous festival of Asian heritage month in Canada.

The festival features events that showcase artists of Asian descent and artists whose work is inspired by Asian arts, cultures, and stories. The festival also offers cultural mediation activities, conferences, and training workshops as part of its new educational component.

Mainly carried by volunteers and managed by a small team of employees and interns, a board of directors composed artists and members of the Asian community as well as an honorary advisory board. In addition to federal and provincial funding organizations, the festival benefits from the generous support of partners, collaborators, and donors. Visit their website here to learn more.

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