Laptop Donated to Shelley Cares Foundation in Ontario

Those who have received the equipment from ERA in the past have remarked on how windows of opportunity are opened by having the equipment. Imperial Oil has been an instrumental partner of ERA in helping to fill some of the multitudes of requests we receive on a daily basis. Shelley Cares Foundation was one of the grateful recipients of Imperial Oil’s contribution and happy to receive the laptop for staff use.

Shelley Cares Foundation provides a nutritional meal to homeless, working poor families, senior citizens, the unemployed or under-employed, the mentally and physically challenged, and most important the children. We believe that no one should go to bed hungry on the street or otherwise.

So many in our community are affected by hunger which is often invisible, it may be that of a friend, family member, or neighbour. We are living in a time where there are indeed many hungry folks, who may be living on a fixed income or even unemployed, who at this time desperately need our help.

Shelley Cares Foundation offers so much more than a hot meal. Referrals to a variety of safety-net services including; employment training, emergency shelter, health care services, and mental health resources.

Michelle Berry, Executive Director, is asking that you consider a financial gift today to support their hunger relief program. Whether your gift is big or small, they thank you in advance and want you to know that they are able to maximize the gift in the most prudent and efficient manner. Click here to donate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Electronic Recycling Association has seen a surge for laptop and computer requests from organizations in need across Canada. Along with the rise in requests, there has been a substantial decrease in the amount of inventory we have available for donation. If you would like to team up with ERA, we will have our reliable representatives’ pick up your items and provide you with certification and inventory reporting. Choose from one of the charities here and we will make sure your devices are given new life with someone who really needs it.  Contact us at 1877-9EWASTE or book online here.