Laptop Donated to the Women’s Support Network in Ontario

To this day, many women across the world face inequality, challenges, and sexual violence not experienced by their male counterparts in school, work, and in the general society. While the issue still prevails heavily in under-developed/developing countries, we often forget that these inequalities still are experienced daily in developed nations. Organizations like the Women’s Support Network (WSN) have been working to ensure women’s equality rights both locally and internationally.

The WSN is the York Region’s only sexual violence crisis centre. They provide free non-judgmental and confidential services in both French and English to women who have experienced or are experiencing sexual violence in their lives. WSN also runs a Crisis Line, available 24/7, and a Human Trafficking Helpline that serves the York Region in Ontario. The Women’s Support Network’s vision is to eradicate sexual violence experienced by women by serving as a resource center.

The Electronic Recycling Association has proudly provided the Women’s Support Network with 1 laptop for their office to utilize.

Because the Women’s Support Network is a government-funded organization, the ERA recognizes and understands that budget constraints don’t always allow for much needed electronic devices to be purchased for administrative use. The ERA also understands that in order for an organization to continue growing and serving the communities they operate in, reliable devices are non-negotiable.

Enabling the non-profit sector with IT devices has been our vision since the ERA first started donating refurbished electronics. We collect devices from companies, organizations, and the general public all across Canada with the intent to refurbish functioning devices. With each device we collect, the ERA ensures all data is wiped from the hard drives and the device itself is restored to its original factory settings. When the ERA collects any non-functioning items, we work to strip the functioning parts and put them towards creating a functioning device.

You can support the Electronic Recycling Association’s efforts by dropping off your unwanted electronics to an ERA Depot, or by booking a pickup. By sending your devices to the ERA, not only are you assisting others in need, but you’re also reducing your environmental footprint.