Laptops and PCs Donated to the Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program

July – the month where kids are running through sprinklers in the yard and chasing ice-cream trucks through their neighbourhoods. With the lovely hot and sunny weather much of Canada is currently experiencing, it’s hard to think that in just about a month, many of our children will be returning to school and hundreds of school programs will be up and running again.

The Electronic Recycling Association is thrilled to announce the donation of 4 computers and 3 laptops to Aleph-Bet in support of their Child Life Enrichment Program. The office computers have reached the ripe age of 6 years and is now needing to be replaced, the ERA’s donation will replace their existing office computers, and the laptops donated will be utilized by school-aged children in their program.

Aleph-Bet is a non-profit, charitable organization located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through the Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program, this organization provides high quality child care and education to children ages 2 through 12. At Aleph-Bet, Early Childhood Educators facilitate learning through play experiences. By giving freedom, support, and encouragement, children in the program are able to pursue their interests and goals. Aleph-Bet believes children are capable and fully equipped within themselves to succeed at their own pace. Understanding that that no two children are alike, the Child Life Enrichment Program caters to each child individually in their process for learning.

Supporting the communities we operate in is part of ERA’s vision. For over 15 years, the ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals, organizations, and corporations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. The ERA focuses on recovery, refurbishment, and reuse, and through these means, we are able to continuously supply charitable groups across Canada, like Aleph-Bet, with donated IT equipment. At the ERA, we’re always excited to support organizations across Canada. To apply for a donation, click here.

The ERA is calling to all companies with unwanted electronics and asking to please consider booking a pickup so that we can continue donating to charities and individuals in need.