Make A Difference With Electronic Recycling in Vancouver

Help Your Community By Donating Today

The Electronic Recycling Association is here to provide you with the opportunity to help your community. Our goal is to collect used, old and unwanted electronic devices from individuals and businesses throughout Vancouver, and donate them to Canadian charities across the country. From laptops to iPhones, we can refurbish any device that you want to throw out. Your donation can help your community and the environment at the same time. Be part of something amazing by committing to our electronic recycling in Vancouver.


Your Electronics Live On
Helping Those In Need

We Donate to Charities
All Over Canada

Your Information Is Removed Safely & Securely

We Offer On-Site Destruction
Of Your Information

Drop Off Your Electronics At
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We Can Pick Up Electronics
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Our Professional & Friendly
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We Collect Equipment to 
Help The Environment

Expect Secure Data Destruction When Electronic Recycling in Vancouver

We understand the concerns that come with handing off your electronic devices. You can rest assured that with our data security destruction process that we erase all backend private date off your devices. By utilizing AmeriShred mobile hard drive shredders and advanced erasure software, nothing from your device will be passed onto the next person. Only once the data has been wiped off will we refurbish the devices and donate them charities across Canada. Your privacy security is one of our paramount pillars in our Vancouver electronic recycling program.

Do you charge for pickup?

Any pickup charges applied are based on location, the number of items, service requirements, etc. Fortunately, ERA is known to be able to waive costs during the multiple promotions we have throughout the year or for members & high-valued donations.

Do you charge for drop off?

Drop-offs are usually free of charge at any of our multiple locations. However, we do have costs applied for the following items, TV’s, Microwaves, Floor Model Copier/Printer & for Services such as Destruction.

Do you sell any equipment or is it strictly recycling/refurbishing?

Our primary focus is to have the equipment repurposed and donated. However, there are some circumstances where we offer equipment at low cost to not only avoid recycling working devices but also to offer the opportunity to individuals to receive a computer and not have to pay full price, as many cannot afford it. Our donation process is for Non-profit, Business, Charity & Educational type facilities. All funds are used to benefit the organization and allow ERA to operate and provide low cost or free services throughout Canada.

Do you wipe or destroy hard drives & media? If so, is there a cost & will we receive Certification? 

Yes, ERA can data wipe or destroy media such as hard drives, tapes, floppy discs, CD’s etc. Secure data wiping is inclusive and free of charge. However, destruction can range anywhere from $0.00ea - $5.00ea depending on the donated equipment, media and membership status. Certification is provided usually within 10 business days after the service has been completed. Serial Numbers can also be provided upon request.

Is there a guarantee that the hard drives, once wiped, will be 100% clean and all the information on them will be gone? Will we receive Certification? 

Yes, ERA ensures the data is removed using Blancco. Certification is provided usually within 10 business days after the service has been completed. Serial Numbers can also be provided upon request.

Donate Your Devices With Our Vancouver Electronic Recycling Program

With so many electronic devices being discarded every day, why not make use of them and help both the environment and local communities? That has been our goal here from the start. It is why we are committed to electronic recycling in Vancouver, and why we’re ready to service you. Whether you want to drop off your devices or let us pick them up for you, we will take them off your hands. From your used monitors to your old video games, you can give back to the community through us. Make a donation today; speak to the Electronic Recycling Association