MLA Malaya Marcelino Supports Computer Donation from ERA to Winnipeg Charity

The Electronic Recycling Association partners with MLA Malaya Marcelino to donate 4 laptops to The Wrench in Winnipeg.


WINNIPEG, MB (AUGUST 6, 2020) – The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is happy to announce they will be teaming up with MLA Malaya Marcelino to donate 4 laptops to The Wrench which will be for staff and office use to help run their programs.

Geoff Heath, Educational Director for WRENCH explained, “As a growing non- profit on a tight budget a laptop donation from ERA goes a long way towards helping WRENCH staff get our day to day office work done.   As an organization that also refurbishes used consumer items we love the work that ERA does to keep electronics out of the landfill, getting them back in the hands of other non- profits who are giving back to their communities.  Fostering a culture of re-use and repair, whether it’s bicycles or technology, is of great importance that our society works towards minimizing our impact on the planet.  Thanks for the donation ERA!”

The WRENCH is a registered charity that creates stronger, healthier communities by removing barriers to building, repairing and maintaining bicycles – with a focus on educating youth. They make bikes accessible by providing programming, education and resources for community members, groups and organizations.

Founder and owner, Bojan Paduh states, “The ERA receives donation requests from many different charities and non-profits across Canada. It is always interesting to see the variety of organizations and the ways they are involved in supporting and educating the community. I am thrilled to have the support of MLA Marcelino to provide laptops to The Wrench, a charity that envisions a world where everyone is empowered to experience their community by bicycle.”

Date: August 7th, 2020

Time: 2:30p

Location: 1057 Logan Ave, Winnipeg, MB

About the Electronic Recycling Association

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’. For over fifteen years, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. With a focus on recovery, refurbishment and reuse, ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with donated IT equipment while securely managing the retiring IT assets of organizations and individuals across Canada.

About The WRENCH

The Wrench operates the largest and best equipped community bike shop in western Canada and is an international leader in community bike programming. Since 2010 the WRENCH has utilized volunteer labour and bike parts reclaimed from the waste steam to create community bike programming aimed at educating youth, empowering volunteers and providing people with affordable, sustainable active transportation options.

About MLA Malaya Marcelino

As the NDP Official Opposition’s Critic for Immigration, Malaya is focused on creating good jobs for newcomers with better quality labour conditions, as well as more recreation opportunities and health care options for inner-city families. As the Critic for Status of Women Malaya is fighting against cuts to women’s health care and wants to close the gender gap for working women.