Montreal Non-profit Les 3 Sex Receives Two Laptops

Les 3 sex is a non-profit organization and charity that tackles issues related to sexual health by mobilizing the Canadian community on sexual issues. The mandate of Les 3 sex is to fight for the improvement of sexual health and sexual rights through the implementation of the following four objectives:

  1. To promote sexual rights and sexual health through participatory sex education based on co-built knowledge, by means of an online platform where news, scientific research, stories, and articles are published in order to highlight various issues related to human sexuality and to suggest reflections that are accessible to the entire Canadian community.
  2. To promote sexual rights, sexual health, and sex education by organizing awareness campaigns, projects, and activities for the whole Canadian community to share knowledge about sexual health and about the progress of sexual rights.
  3. To promote sexual rights, sexual health, and sex education by providing accessible resources (e.g. video clips, awareness-raising tools, educational workshops) and by organizing mobilization activities for the whole Canadian community.
  4. To act as representatives for community organizations and qualified decision-makers involved in the defense of sexual rights and in the fight for sexual health, and to establish strong partnerships to support this mission.

Almost 40 permanent collaborators contribute a minimum of 120 hours per year to Les 3 sex. These members are part of the General Assembly, which meets regularly to discuss in which ways the organization should realize its objectives. On average, the Assembly gathers four times per year. Between these meetings, members are invited to vote online on operational decisions. Les 3 sex is supported by the provincial and federal governments. Thanks to the Canada Periodical Fund of the Canadian Heritage Ministry of Canada and the Bureau de lutte contre l’homophobie et la transphobie of Ministère de la Justice of Québec.

Find out about their current projects here.

Les 3 Sex needed computers to give work tools to their team so the Electronic Recycling Association stepped up to donate two laptops. They use Adobe Creative Cloud to create sexual health tools and 95% of their work is on computers so this will be a huge help to them.  If you are looking to dispose of any unwanted IT equipment call one of our reps at 1.877.9EWASTE to find out if you are eligible for a free pickup or to find a drop-off depot.