Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio Receives a Donated Laptop


Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio specializes in laser light shows utilizing Pangolin’s 2D/3D laser designer software applications. Examples of laser multimedia entertainment are music videos playing with several laser projectors/shows running simultaneously, interactive messaging engaging audiences on screen, laser projector using a full dome 360-degree wide angle lens, hazing /fog machines, mirrors, diffraction/Lumia gratings, water screens, surround sound audio. Lasers can entertain with spectacular effects against interactive water features.

Edited frame animations and beams are created, programmed and developed by working with Pangolin’s award-winning laser designer software and projected with a state-of-the-art solid state medium powered 7.2-watt Class IV Compliant High-Quality Laser World Pure Light Advanced Series (RGB Full Color) Analog Laser Projector. These laser animations and beams combine engineering principles by creatively shaping laser light into graphical/beam/abstract vector images processed by high speed scanners. Their creations are a combination of information technology and digital media art. Lasers require safe and secure setups from knowledgeable personnel. Public safety is a Northern Lights priority. Their operations and personnel ensure safety zones and safety practices with adequate safety signage during public shows. Northern Lights ‘Twilight Theatre” safely performs indoor audience scanning providing an exciting laser immersed experience for their patrons.  In Canada, outdoor aerial/atmospheric laser shows require sufficient notice for Transport Canada approvals.

It is estimated that the laser entertainment industry worldwide is growing exponentially and has generated a quarter of a billion dollars in sales in 2014. Northern Lights will explore strategic partnerships with engaged STEAM alliances that share Their aligned focus on advanced virtual multimedia learning in the science media/digital laser media   arts/engineering/technology/entertainment sectors. Laser multimedia occupies a large presence in a global digital economy.

ERA donated a laptop to Northern Light Lasers which will be used to store animations from their Aurora3D laser multimedia creative collective. If you would like to learn more about this organization, please visit their website here.

ERA is taking the initiative and offering free pickups in local areas for companies and individuals with unwanted laptops and computers. This will give organizations the option to work remotely which will ease their potential anxiety from working at their offices. It will also ensure that children are able to keep on top of their homework.

If you are wanting to help organizations and families receive the gift of technology and give them an option, please contact our toll number 1.877.9EWASTE or go to our website and fill out our form here