Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program Receives Laptop Donation

If you’ve ever driven across any province in Canada, you may have noticed a few “Adopt-a-Highway” quietly posted on the side of the highways.

With the gracious assistance of volunteer groups, organizations, and businesses, the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program Association works to keep highways in the province free of junk and litter. Volunteers choose a 5-kilometer stretch of a highway, interchange, or exit, and clean the highway twice a year. The work of this organization ensures that Nova Scotia improves the appearance of the province, strengthens tourism, and reduces the wildlife’s attraction to the roadways.

The organization had taken on the Pick-Me-Up Program and have become the one-stop litter shop for the province of Nova Scotia. Similar to the Adopt-A Highway Program, the Pick-Me-Up Program recruits volunteers to clean up litter from community parks and public areas around Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program reached out to the Electronic Recycling Association for 1 laptop request. Proudly, the Electronic Recycling Association has fulfilled their laptop request so they can continue growing their non-profit program.

Being a non-profit ourselves, we understand the “growing pains” and tight budgets that other non-profits experience. The ERA started off when our founder, Bojan, noticed that many functional computers were being thrown away to the landfill. Bojan began refurbishing these computers and noticed the people that really wanted them, really needed them for varying reasons – education, organization growth, staying connected with family, new immigrants and refugees to Canada, and much more.

Over the past 16 years, the ERA has been enabling the non-profit sector to achieve excellence by providing for their IT needs through computer donation and computer recycling. Through our e-waste collection process, we have also been able to contribute to the reduction of electronic devices in Canada that gets thrown away to the landfill. Much like the Nova Scotia Adopt-A-Highway Program, having a clean environment is at the forefront of our values.

If you have any unwanted electronics sitting in a closet or storage room, consider dropping them off at one of our depots or booking a pickup. Your old laptop can help a non-profit reach their next goals for growth.