Okanagan School of the Arts Receives Laptop

The arts industry has been notorious for connecting like-minded individuals in a community of people. Whether it’s a group music class, a digital media course, or an art workshop, you’re bound to find individuals with similar interests. It’s become a great way to make new friends and meaningful connections, especially when you’re new to a town, city, or country.

The Okanagan School of the Arts have been running a variety of performing and visual arts courses and programs for students of all ages for the past 60 years. The school focuses on providing creativity and connection for the residents of Penticton and the surrounding area. The school has recently developed a digital arts program. They have installed a Makers Space using entirely community donations of equipment, such as a 3D printer and laser cutter. These two devices require a computer to access. The new design program focuses on teaching youth and seniors how to use newer technologies in addition to their regular community programming.

“This is a fantastic program, I was so happy to hear about it!” said Manda Maggs, a representative from the Okanagan School of the Arts.

Proudly, the ERA has donated one laptop to the Okanagan School of the Arts to run their 3D printer and laser cutter at their Makers Space. We’re excited to be involved into a brand-new program that is made up of other donations from the community.

At the Electronic Recycling Association, we strive to help foster a community of innovation and connectivity. As a non-profit ourselves, we see first-hand what supporting the communities we operate in does for those living there. Providing electronic devices allows these charitable organizations to continue in their mission of bringing people together in a creative space.

Reusing electronics to create a new community program reduces how much e-waste ends up in our landfills. If you’re not using a printer, laptop, or projector, many organizations that operate locally in your town or city could greatly benefit from it. Donating a laptop to the ERA means another organization will be able to utilize it to start a new program, on-board more administrative staff/volunteers, or teach youth and seniors a new digital program. As our society continues to advance in technology faster than ever, the demand for updated electronics to support these community initiatives increases as well.

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