People for Progress Making Progress

ERA has a long-term partnership with People for Progress. This organization is an education-based international charitable organization supporting schools and individual students in East Africa. One of the strengths of their programs is that before they initiate any program they meet with the community, the leaders and the people to hear what they see are the needs of the community and the best way to help them meet those needs.

We were able to donate 3 laptops to this organization. This donation will specifically go to their schools in Tanzania and Kenya. The students will use these devices to keep track of their projects, assignment, and tasks throughout the week. They will also benefit the teachers to help them keep records of their student progression throughout the school year.

At the heart of People for Progress Foundation’s operations is a community of diligent, dynamic and diverse volunteers, continuously willing to help and promote the organization’s mandate.  Volunteering with PFPF provides individuals with opportunities to connect and socialize, to share their talents, to engage in interesting and challenging work and to contribute to a greater purpose.  They invite you to join our community and discover these benefits for yourself.

If you are interested in volunteering with this organization you should fill out their online form here.

For more information on this awesome organization, please go to their website and read about the good they have implemented overseas here.