Projector Donated to TVC22 in Ontario

The Electronic Recycling Association is invested in the development and success of many different charities and non-profit organizations across Canada. Our charitable computer donation program allows charities, non-profits, schools, and care facilities to apply for any IT equipment they may need to operate efficiently while saving their budget to focus on the growth and accomplishments of their cause. TVC22 reached out to ERA because they were in need of more equipment to accommodate students in the pursuit of their broadcast passion and we were happy to donate the projector they requested.

The ERA will provide them with a couple of computers in the near future but we need the help of the community and its businesses. Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we have seen a substantial increase in the request for donations but because of the drastic decrease in the amount of the inventory we are receiving, we are not able to accommodate all these requests in a timely fashion. If you are looking to dispose of any unwanted IT equipment, reach out to us here and make a difference today!

A non-profit organization founded in 1990, TVC22 is an autonomous community television whose mandate is to produce television programs.

In the realization of its projects and activities, it involves the population at different levels: whether in the coverage of local news from Clarence-Rockland and its region, by the involvement of people in the process of creating new projects of emissions through production techniques.

This accessible and diversified communication network is an essential communication tool for the vitality of events, initiatives and organizations. In addition to co-organizing and supporting multiple community events and activities, TVC22 is a producer and an important practical training institution for key positions in the media, visual arts and information technology fields.

TVC22’s mission is to enhance the community of Clarence-Rockland and the surrounding area through the production and broadcasting of television projects based on the concerns of local people. She favors community involvement in the various aspects of her production.

TVC22 carries social and professional values.

She is:

  • Passionate about people’s ideas;
  • Professional and bearer of added value;
  • Respectful of the interests of customers and listeners;
  • Proactive in responding to the needs of clients and listeners;
  • Innovative in ways of doing things;
  • Captivating and interesting.

Interested in volunteering? Check out their website here.