Red Crow Community College Receives a Projector

ERA was thrilled to donate a projector to the Red Crow Community College. The mission of Mi’kai’sto Red Crow Community College is to meet the cultural, educational, and training needs for Kainaiwa and beyond.  The college provides leadership through its programs and services to nurture self-realization based on Kainaiysinni.

The Red Crow board of governors proposes a comprehensive plan with curriculum designed to meet the special needs of the Kainai people of the Blackfoot Confederacy. While the system does not intend to exclude any one, and maintains an open-door policy, its primary purpose is to meet the needs of the Blackfoot population.

This donated projector will be used for the colleges Niitsitapi Literacy Program & Adult Upgrading Program. It will mainly be used to teach the class on a wide screen.

Niitsitapi Literacy Program & Adult Upgrading Program

Program Overview

The Niitsitapi Literacy Program and Adult Upgrading Program provide cultural and educational courses that assist students and the community in achieving their personal / cultural / academic goals. Their traditional teachings are based on Kainayssini. Incorporating their culture in the classroom strengthens their Niitsitapi identity.

Their Kaahsinnooniks play a significant role within their college; they are involved in curriculum development, professional development, and delivery of lessons with the students. The learning is more meaningful since Kaahsinnooniks are in the classroom; the traditional knowledge is accurate.  Adult learners receive credit through Alberta Education and instructors are certified teachers with Alberta Education. Their programs are designed to implement meaningful educational opportunities for all learners, which creates a successful educational journey, a bridge to Niitsitapi Arts & Sciences courses and other Post-Secondary institutions, and / or the workforce.

If you would like to learn more about this school, please visit their website here.

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