Regeneration Canada Receives a Laptop and a Projector

Regeneration Canada is a nonprofit organization that promotes land management practices that regenerate soil health, in order to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, and improve water cycles, and support a more productive and just food system.

Regeneration Canada brings together farmers, consumers, scientists, entrepreneurs, landscape designers, across Canada and beyond who are committed to a regenerative future. They strive to raise awareness, connect stakeholders and drive innovation in the field of regenerative land management. Regeneration Canada were founded in May 2017 with limited funding.

Most of their activity is focused on online education and outreach.  We were able to provide this organization with a laptop and a projector. For the next few months this laptop will help tremendously with the rebuilding of their website, editing and publishing videos, hosting webinars and having video conferences with different stakeholders. Their personal computers were quite old, which is very limiting for these activities. Having access to more powerful and updated devices will help this organization reach their full potential and create a wider audience through their platforms.

Their vision is having a global ecosystem of healthy, thriving communities in which regenerative land management cools the planet, feeds the world, and promotes public health, prosperity, and peace.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing eco-friendly organization, please visit their website here.