Retail Action Network fights for Change

ERA Donates Tech to Support Retail Action Network’s Cause

The Retail Action Network was born out of an expanding hub of community organizations, labor activists, and non-profits on Vancouver Island in 2016. These organizations and activists all fulfill different functions in a dynamic ecology of collaboration and mutual aid. Since RAN’s inception in 2016, they have delivered over 50 workshops to high school students and teachers in School Districts 61, 62, and 63; expanded to offer three benchmark programs to a provincial audience with recent efforts to expand to Ontario.

Their mission is to support workers in the retail and hospitality industries by promoting worker solidarity, holding businesses accountable to the rights of their workers, and educating workers on their rights. Their programs include direct action campaigns that put pressure on businesses to uphold just labor practices; social media campaigns that empower workers; and training campaigns designed to educate workers on their rights and the support networks available to them. They support workers that are owed wages, tips, or respect from their employer. You can join them in organizing public pressure and direct action campaigns against bosses that exploit them by visiting their website here.

As a relatively young organization, they have grown much faster than they could have expected. They have exceeded each of their annual impact targets which have been a cause for celebration, but they have also struggled at times to ensure that their operating systems grow at the same pace. An example of this is their technological capacity. Presently, a large group of volunteers (25-50), organizers (4-5), and campaigners (6-7) share two computers at RAN’s head office. The ERA will be providing them with additional computers to assist the efficiency of their operations and was pleased to be able to donate 4 projectors and 2 monitors at this time. Eric Nordal who is a coordinator at Retail Action Network said, “Thanks so much for sending it along, all of the equipment is super helpful.”

We have many deserving organizations waiting to receive the gift of technology to ensure their cause thrives. Follow this link to discover who needs your help and drop off your unwanted IT equipment to any of our 7 locations across Canada. The ERA has a fast and efficient pick up service for businesses with larger loads and specific data security requirements. Our representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 1877-9EWASTE