Southern Alberta Bible Camp Receives 16 Laptops

Southern Alberta Bible Camp is a youth-focused Christian camp whose purpose is to challenge, encourage and inspire campers spiritually and physically to help equip them for life and to develop Christian leadership in young adults. The vision of Southern Alberta Bible Camp is to see lives transformed by God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Lodge side Camps, every day is a flurry of group games, cabin time and theme meals. Campers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activity areas of your choice like fun at the beach, fishing, archery tag (NEW) and crafting. They get to gather in chapel for fun songs, skits and great stories from the Bible. Offered in 2 day (Splash), 4 day (Quest), and 5 day (Adventure and Plunge) camps shaped to work best for specific ages.

At Fort side Camps, this smaller, more intimate environment of less than 60 kids per week brings a sense of being known in a deeper way. Many Fort traditions, such as team competitions, the out-trip, engaging chapels and the easy going schedule are maintained and run with enthusiasm and excellence. The Fort is outdoor oriented with daily activities focused on building community, memories and skills. Campers will love the camp-wide games, small cabin times, campfires and chapels.

Every summer they run a media camp at SABC, kids come and learn photography and videography. In the past, they have brought their own computers. But they spend most of the time waiting for computers to load, catch-up or turn on. There are kids that are not able to come to media camp because of computer restrictions. We are hoping to slowly add more computers so that kids are able to come to camp and not be restricted by their computers.

ERA was delighted to donate 16 laptops to help with there programs. “This is going to be great. With all of these laptops, I’ll be able to take the computer restriction right off our website so that any kid can come to media camp regardless of whether or not they own their own computer. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!” exclaimed Stephen Wiley, Communications Director. Visit their website here to sign up for camp or to become a volunteer.

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization committed to reducing unnecessary electronic waste by recycling and re-purposing used electronics. We work with local companies to re-purpose used electronics and IT equipment in a safe and secure manner. Our team works with community charities to provide re-purposed computers and electronics to those in need. Contribute to our mission of reducing e-waste by recycling your unwanted electronic devices with the ERA.