Target Humanitarian Assistance Canada Association Receives 4 Laptops

The Electronic Recycling Association was happy to donate 4 laptops to the Target Humanitarian Assistance Canada Association. They will be used at their offices in Calgary and Ethiopia to help their organization run more smoothly and efficiently on both sides.

Many organizations find it extremely hard to save a portion of their already rigid budget to buy the technical equipment they may need to create more awareness online. In the eyes of other organizations, it is not a necessity and therefore isn’t first on the priority list when deciding on where to spend the money they have been allocated.  Therefore, ERA donating devices to organizations in need is a big weight off their shoulders and they can use their technology funding for other projects they are working on throughout the year.

The ERA will pick up your obsolete devices which will help us fill our overwhelming number of donation requests. We supply data security services for individuals and companies across Canada and the US ensuring that your data is taken care of and securely erased.

The purpose of the Target Humanitarian Assistance Canada Association is to improve the standard of life of Ethiopian children and young adults, who currently live below the poverty level, by increasing the availability of basic education and sponsorship. It is their mission to give hope to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and to build a more sustainable way of life for the people of Ethiopia. Their goals are to achieve the following:

  • Improve the livelihoods of 3,700 orphan and abandoned vulnerable children
  • Provide educational support for 4,780 students and OVC
  • Support 1,200 women-headed families in finance and material
  • Provide special care for children living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Sponsor refugees from abroad who qualify to come to Canada
  • To intervene in the construction of one school accommodating from KG to high school consisting of library and laboratories with an enrollment capacity of 500 students per year. Moreover, dormitory and meal service will be provided for 300 students who came from remote areas.
  • To facilitate scholarships opportunities as an educational intervention carried out on a yearly basis for undergraduate and postgraduate students from OVC

Visit their website here to see how you can donate to their cause.