Tech Donated to YWCA Cambridge

The Electronic Recycling Association is proud to provide the YWCA Cambridge with 1 printer and 1 projector to support their needs, with the donation of the 12 laptops coming at a later date.

YMCA Cambridge gives a voice to the needs of cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals through innovative and responsive programs, services, and advocacy. YWCA Cambridge is part of YWCA Canada – the country’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. The organization provides shelter, literacy, life skills, employment, and counseling program.

YWCA Cambridge had reached out to the ERA in need of 1 printer, 1 projector, and 12 laptops. The organization is in need of reliable technology, which will allow YWCA program participants to have access to YWCA outreach workers and program staff. The donation of laptops will allow YWCA Cambridge to provide laptops to youth and adults who are currently cut off from in-person programming and, as a result, are facing isolation and a resulting loss of supportive connections. Their goal is to reduce social isolation and provide a safe connection to support networks outside of the home for those that are facing an increased risk of violence and abuse.

The ERA has been a strong advocate of supporting organizations that fosters a strong community. The electronics we collect from companies, organizations, and the general public allows us to continuously fulfill the many donation requests we receive. The ERA focuses on reusing electronics before recycling. The devices we collected are tested for functionality. Functional devices are then put through a refurbishment process, which includes a complete hard drive data wipe. Once the device’s hard drive is wiped, ERA installs a brand-new operating system. When the ERA receives non-functional devices, we strip them for parts, putting working parts towards creating a functioning device. After that, we work alongside provincially approved recyclers to ensure all scraps are recycled properly, according to each provinces’ guidelines.

While YWCA Cambridge’s request is partially filled for now, the ERA has every intent to completely fill their request in support of their online support programs.

This is where you can help. Drop off your old laptops to an ERA depot near you so we can fulfill the rest of YWCA Cambridge’s and the many other requests we receive each year. The laptop that is sitting unused at your home can be refurbished and donated to a YWCA outreach worker who can, in turn, assist many individuals with the support they searching for.