Tech Victory for Calgary Foundation

The Victory Foundation has been around for over 25 years helping individuals beat homelessness. They have created opportunities in neighbourhoods across Calgary that are accessible to the homeless. The Foundation offers housing, food, clothing, support programs, referrals to other services, church services and a social environment. They believe this approach allows for a more seamless integration into Calgary’s broader community. Changed lives bring life to a community and health to a city!

The Victory Foundation has two locations in Calgary, one is located on Ogden Road and the other on 38th Street in the Southeast. The Foundation is committed to Calgary’s working poor, citizens on fixed incomes, and people who live on the city’s margins. Their goal is to put up a ‘fence’ in order to keep people from falling into the ‘ditch’ of homelessness.

Today, the Electronic Recycling Association generously donated three MacBook laptops, two iMacs and three TV Monitors. The MacBook laptops will be assigned to three pastors that work with the Victory Foundation in spreading their mission and vision within the community. Currently, this organization does not have monitors for either one of their boardrooms in Calgary.  These screens will become a major asset when hosting events, presenting to clients or partners and acting as an ongoing tool when educating their clients. The iMacs will be utilized by their staff to complete daily tasks.

Speaking with Matthew Bannerman, Director of Operations at the Victory Foundation he proclaimed, “I would really like to express our organization’s appreciation for this opportunity. We are thrilled with the devices we have received from ERA and was not expecting it. ERA clearly demonstrates such a positive impact within the community. I had the pleasure of speaking with Bojan Paduh, the Founder of the ERA and his passion for helping others succeed is beyond remarkable. We thank you ERA and Bojan for this amazing donation.”

Matthew mentioned that the organization works with a total of 85 residents who are all either homeless or at the risk of homelessness. He carried on by saying, “The Victory Foundation helps a diverse number of individuals including low-income clients ranging from seniors, to children, to families and to clients with disabilities.”

ERA would like to help the 85 residents by donating 85 laptops to each client at the Foundation. We are appealing to the public for help. If you are a small-medium-large business with obsolete devices we want to hear from you. Contact ERA by emailing [email protected] or visit our website to learn more.

Let’s make this organization’s dream a reality, one laptop at a time! If you would like to earn more about this organization, please visit their website here.

*Photo of an ERA staff member, Bojan Paduh (Founder of ERA) and Matthew Bannerman (Director of Operations).