"We Cannot Express How Grateful We Are"
For over two (2) years, [we have] been the recipient of many ERA recycled computers. We cannot express how grateful we are for this generous donation. As a result of this partnership, new Canadians are provided with the chance to connect with our city and community, and most importantly, explore employment and educational opportunities.
Non-profit Community Organization
"Thank You For Your Most Generous Gifts"
Sunrise was honoured to be chosen as the recipients of 5 laptops from the Electronic Recycling Association. Every year we see families who would never dream of being able to own such an extravagant piece of technology. So on behalf of our clients we would like to thank you for your most generous gifts.
Community Resource Centre
"Your Support Makes A True Difference"
Thank you very much for your generous donation of 4 Think Pad Laptops! Your amazing support is making a true difference in the lives of the women and children touched by domestic violence whom we serve.
Calgary Women’s Shelter
"Thank You For Your Generous Support"
I would like to express my sincere thank you for your recent generation donation of 5 complete desktop units...Thank you again for your generous support and commitment to helping us create a life without limits!
Calgary Non-profit Organization
"Their Desire To Help Others Is Astounding"
Through ERA's assistance our clients were able to move towards a future they have always dreamed of. We feel very fortunate to have connected with ERA as their desire to help others is astounding.
Calgary Women’s Shelter
"We Cannot Thank You Enough"
Thank you for your support by providing the computer equipment which we very much needed...Because of you we can continue to provide [our] programs at no cost. For that, we cannot thank you enough.
Community Support Group
"A Huge Win for Everyone Involved"
With the one time savings realized while using Electronic Recycling Association’s (ERA) hard drive shredding service, I was able to reinvest those savings (over $10,000) back into my IT department. I look forward to expanding our business with ERA for further cost savings, all while significantly reducing environmental impact – that’s a huge win for everyone involved. I will be recommending ERA to my peers throughout the province.
Community Health Authority
"A Pleasure to Deal With"
Hi guys – I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we’ve appreciated your great service for the past several years. Your office staff and on-site guys are a pleasure to deal with!
Oil & Gas Company

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Donations of unwanted equipment help to keep unnecessary electronic waste out of the landfills. With our reuse programs, your donations are revitalized and given a new home. If the electronics absolutely cannot be reused, we will recycle it responsibility.

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