The Greenest Way to Dispose of Static Shielding Bags


Is your IT storage cluttered with anti-static shielding bags and are you looking for an appropriate way to dispose of your surplus? Here, at ERA those are always welcome pieces of packaging.

After all the work that is put in sorting, testing, and cleaning useful PC components, they need to be protected from the buildup of electrostatic discharge and static electricity. Extra static bags you no longer need will help us extend the useful life of sensitive internal electronic chips, disks, and memory.

Please note that we can accept only static bags in reusable condition, therefore not ripped or torn.

If you have more than 30 we will come to your location and pick them up for free, and smaller amounts can be dropped off at one of our 7 locations (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Winnipeg and Montreal). If you are within city limits, please book your pick up through our online application here.

If you are 30-60 minutes outside of these regions, please call in at 403-262-4488 and speak to one of our representatives for further assistance.