The Legacy Children’s Foundation Receives 8 Laptops

Helping Children, Youth and Families at Risk

The Legacy Children’s Foundation believes that all children and youth have the potential to grow into self-reliant, contributing citizens.

Too many children/youth grow up with disadvantages. Abuse, neglect, abandonment or a simple failure to receive support, encouragement and education all lead to young people whose futures are compromised.

They believe:

  • in the value and efficacy of prevention and early intervention;
  • that intervention must be timely;
  • that the most effective intervention takes place during the critical formative years prenatal to age six;
  • that effective intervention at any stage is delivered consistently over an extended period of time;
  • that all prevention and intervention efforts involve the whole family as well as the entire community.

Their Vision

Every child and youth in the Province of Alberta, through the creation of early intervention, prevention and enrichment programming, will have the opportunity to experience success in all facets of their lives.

The laptops will be used for their new Entrepreneurial Music Industry Arts Training program which supports at-risk or youth living in poverty to develop specialized skills and follow careers and business ventures within the music industry.


For more information, please visit their website here.