TJ Micro Helps Littlefoot Community Projects with Tech

The Electronic Recycling Association in collaboration with TJ Micro Ltd. is pleased to donate a laptop to the Littlefoot Community Projects. They are a small not-for-profit organization with a goal to create food security among residents in their community. The laptop will be used to look for and apply to grants, track their financials and project outcomes, keep connected on social media with their program users, and make working more efficient and productive.

Founded in 2017, TJ Micro is your complete source for professional IT services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and their remote IT services worldwide. With a fixed hourly rate, there are no surprises with hidden fees and their experienced technicians can solve any IT related problems in both the business and consumer sectors. To learn more, visit their website here.

Littlefoot Community Projects has an aim is to relieve poverty through the power of food. Their work is steeped in both social and ecological consciousness. They work with a range of community members to address diverse aspects of food security, including: basic income, health, education, sustainable agriculture, land & food sovereignty, culturally appropriate foods, and more.

Activities include:

  • Offering flexible and compassionate opportunities to access food in Downtown Kitchener, through our Feed Change Market (a pay-what-you-choose produce market) as well as local community programs.
  • Creating knowledge sharing and skills building opportunities around regenerative agriculture, vermi-composting (worm composting), entrepreneurship, and food justice.
  • Addressing food security in an intersectional way, through grassroots partnerships, political engagement, research, and advocacy.

Visit their website here to learn more.

At the Electronic Recycling Association, we believe in giving back to our community. We’re thankful for everything that has been shared with us through the years, and we want to spread the joy to others. Our way of doing this is through an efficient electronic recycling program. When you allow us to discard your unwanted electronics, we will salvage and donate as many items as possible. Imagine your old iPods, cellphones and video games in the hands of someone in need. It can happen when you donate through the ERA!

For over fifteen years, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. With a focus on recovery, refurbishment and reuse, ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with donated IT equipment while securely managing the retiring IT assets of organizations and individuals across Canada. We believe that reuse before recycling is critical in managing the waste created by computer hardware, and by offering industry-leading data destruction for all equipment we receive, we have securely repurposed hundreds of tons of equipment. Because not everything ERA receives can be reasonably repurposed, we have partnered with certified recycling organizations to process equipment that has reached the end of its productive life.